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Taking that First Step: Learning to Walk Again After Bilateral Amputation

Posted on: February 24th, 2017 by Premier Prosthetics Blogger

Adapting to life after amputation is a journey in its own. Re-learning how to perform many daily tasks can certainly take a toll. If you’re a bilateral lower-limb amputee this means learning how to walk and balance on your new prostheses. Premier Prosthetics would like to encourage you along this process by sharing the key […]

Heart Healthy Exercises for Lower-Limb Amputees

Posted on: February 17th, 2017 by Premier Prosthetics Blogger

As an amputee, you have a unique set of health concerns. According to the Oxford Journal of Medicine, an increased risk of cardiovascular disease may be one of them, especially for post-traumatic lower-limb amputees. One way to combat this added risk is to get plenty of cardio-friendly exercise, which may be while adapting to your […]

Dating After Amputation

Posted on: February 10th, 2017 by Premier Prosthetics Blogger

With hearts in all the windows and candies and flowers abounding, reminders of love are everywhere right now. If you’re a new amputee, you might be looking at these reminders and wondering what the dating scene will look like for you now. Premier Prosthetics is here to offer some encouragement when it comes to looking […]