National Golf Month: A Sport for Everyone

Posted on: August 5th, 2015 by Premier Prosthetics Blogger
Get out and play some golf this month.

Get out and play some golf this month.


Golf is a sport that nearly everyone can play and can be adapted for anyone who wants to try. That is why golf is a great option for those who use prosthetic and orthotic devices. This month is National Golf Month and Premier Prosthetics wants to take time this month to highlight how playing golf is possible for amputees and how amputees can benefit from playing golf.

Playing golf is possible for leg amputees by having a leg prosthesis where the torsion absorber and rotator allow you to pivot each time you swing the golf club. Golf also gives those with a leg prosthesis the option to walk the course if they desire or to use a golf cart if they are unable or do not wish to walk the course. There is even an option to play from a seated position. Arm prosthetic device users can choose to learn to play with just one arm or can acquire specific gear to help your prosthetic device attach to the club.

Playing golf also has many physical and mental benefits. Getting outdoors and moving your body is a great way to loosen up, use your muscles and get some exercise. The great thing about golf is that you can start wherever you are physically comfortable and build from there. Choosing to play golf and sticking with it can also be a confidence builder for many amputees. If you choose to play golf as a prosthetic device user, commit to getting better and stick with it when you get discouraged, you will eventually find success as a golfer.

Golf is a great sport to play for people of all ages and abilities. Seeing success in golf as a prosthetic device user simply starts with the want to give it a try. Premier Prosthetics here to support you with all of your prosthetic and orthotic device needs. Stop by or give us a call today!


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