Prosthetic Devices and Preventing Sores

Posted on: August 5th, 2015 by Premier Prosthetics Blogger
Stay healthy and pain-free by preventing sores before they happen.

Stay healthy and pain-free by preventing sores before they happen.


A well-fitted prosthetic can make or break someone’s comfort with their device. To first and foremost prevent discomfort and sores with your prosthetic device, consult Premier Prosthetics for a custom device that is fitted just for you.

However, if you are experiencing discomfort and are developing sores at the end of each day with your prosthetic device, check out these 6 tips for preventing pain and skin irritation.

  1. Avoid changing the way you carry yourself. Adjusting to a prosthetic will completely change the way you walk, but once you have an established way of walking or standing that is comfortable, stick with it. Avoid activities that force you to stand or walk in awkward positions that make your prosthetic uncomfortable.
  1. To prevent irritations and infections, wash the skin that comes in contact with the prosthetic and the socket of the prosthetic every day with antibacterial soap.
  1. Our body part sizes change throughout the day based on activity level, food intake and even the weather. To deal with this, try adding or removing socks or liners until the fit feels better.
  1. Work to maintain a stable body weight. Even slight changes in body weight can affect how your prosthetic fits, so aim to stay at the same weight you were when you were fitted.
  1. Eating healthy and drinking plenty of water helps to control your body weight and keep the skin in your prosthetic healthy.
  1. If you have diabetes, monitor and control your blood sugar as recommended by your doctor to help keep the blood flowing to the skin around the prosthetic and keep it healthy.

Premier Prosthetics aims to fit each patient with a custom prosthetic device that fits them properly and comfortably. For more information on better fitting prosthetic devices, contact Premier Prosthetics today!


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