Shoe Shopping with a Prosthetic Device

Posted on: June 19th, 2015 by Premier Prosthetics Blogger
Find the perfect pair of shoes that fits you and your lifestyle.

Find the perfect pair of shoes that fits you and your lifestyle.


Finding a pair of comfortable, stylish shoes is difficult for anyone. But it can be especially challenging for someone with a lower limb prosthetic device. Choosing the wrong shoe can lead to discomfort or a serious injury. Since choosing the right shoe is so important, Premier Prosthetics wants to help you find the perfect pair for both your style and your prosthetic device.

Flat shoes

Many people assume that a flatter shoe is best for an amputee. However, most prosthetic feet are designed to accommodate a small heel. A shoe with a heel lower than 3/8” can make you feel like you are being pushed backwards slightly. To prevent any issues that come with wearing too flat of shoe, your prosthetist may advise you to use a small heel wedge inside the prosthetic side shoe.

High heels

Some people choose to wear high heels for a variety of occasions. Individuals using a prosthetic device wear shoes ranging from stylish pumps to cowboy boots. But caution must be taken. Too high of heel is potentially dangerous for an above-the-knee amputee. Many prosthetic knees are weight activated at the toe so if there is too much pressure on that foot, the knee will bend involuntarily, causing a fall.


Sandal straps can cause issues for someone using a prosthetic limb. If the straps are too delicate, the foot won’t be secure and could slide around in the shoe. To avoid issues, look for sandals that have a thick adjustable strap to keep the prosthetic foot secure throughout the entire foot and ankle.

Running shoes

Sneakers are generally the best option for those with lower limb prosthetics. They are secure and provide good shock absorption in the sole.

If you are experiencing discomfort while using your prosthetic leg, it could be because your footwear is not providing the proper support. The practitioners at Premier Prosthetics are experts and can help you find the solutions you need to be as active and comfortable as possible! If you are questioning a shoe selection, bring them to a Premier Prosthetics prosthetist for evaluation.


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